Our Expertise

Since 2014 Carolina Solar Services, LLC (CSS) has delivered premium client service, maximum uptime and reliability to each solar generator we maintain. With over 13 years combined Operation and Maintenance experience in the utility-scale solar industry we have the experience and tools to provide a broad range of boots-on-the-ground services including Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, Regulatory Compliance, and Data Analytics. CSS currently provides ongoing electrical inspection and maintenance services for 147.6 MWdc of solar assets in North Carolina.  The senior leadership team brings a diversity of expertise from their previous careers at Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Appalachian State University Energy Center, Joule Energy, and Carolina Solar Energy in the areas of distributed generation control and design, compliance engineering, energy performance modeling, and utility solar EPC.

Our Clients


CSS offers expertise in the areas of utility solar EPC, distributed power generation, compliance engineering, and energy modeling.


We strive to deliver maximum uptime and reliability to each solar installation we maintain.


With over 13 years combined Operation and Maintenance (O&M) experience, we have overseen the generation of over 250 GWH of solar electricity.


We provide relentless 24/7 monitoring and repair response availability for each of our customers.

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For additional questions about Carolina Solar Services or our services, please contact us at 919.808.5285 or info@carolinasolar.services

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