CSS provides premium service and rapid response to AC, DC and MV components of utility scale solar farms. In addition to our inventory of standard diagnostic and repair equipment, our team maintains the skills and qualifications to quickly remedy any PV maintenance issue, including a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional and a North Carolina Electrical Contractor License.


  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Low and medium voltage repair
  • Thermography
  • Factory authorized inverter repair
CSS landscaping services include the majority of non-electrical or communications work that occurs on a solar farm. Our staff of permanent employees operates and services a large and diverse fleet of equipment tailored to the specific needs of utility-scale solar arrays.


  • Mowing
  • Herbicide application
  • Hydro-seeding
  • Tree trimming
  • Buffer plants
  • Light civil work
CSS offers livestock grazing services as a unique biological vegetation management solution.  Using high stock densities of sheep protected by livestock guardian donkeys, CSS integrates livestock grazing with traditional vegetation management to produce a safe and ecologically regenerative system for managing utility-scale solar arrays.


  • Grazing livestock management
  • Site assessment for viability of grazing
  • Forage seeding assessments and recommendations
  • Site improvements for livestock
CSS provides engineering services to increase and maintain PV systems at their peak performance. PE provides active monitoring and management of the Data Acquisition and SCADA systems allowing for remote diagnosis to guide the Electrical department to effectively engage an issue with detailed technical information of the task. PE also provides services for newly installed systems including Utility Witness Testing, Performance Testing, and IVCT analysis. With proper analysis, systems can increase output by identifying energy losses and through System Optimization.


  • DAS/SCADA active PV monitoring and remote diagnosis
  • Technical asset management reporting (performance ratio, availability, expected energy model)
  • Engineering support for field technicians and vendors (inverter, DAS, protection)
  • SCADA/DAS management (alarm configuration and optimization, sensor calibration, and system retrofit/install)
High demand from clients for scopes of work that fall outside of standard operations and maintenance contracts led to the creation of the special projects team. Our field technicians and project managers are prepared to work with clients to create, design, and implement solutions that focus on efficiency while maximizing site productivity.


  • AC/DC feeder replacement and splices
  • Light civil work
  • Drainage basin closeout
  • Transformer and inverter rebuild & replacement
  • Large scale module swap and replacement
  • Commissioning
  • Construction closeout
  • Hydro-seeding
UAV Services specializes in capturing and utilizing aerial data to enhance performance monitoring and site maintenance. Using unmanned aerial vehicles and a patent pending data analysis process, our technicians can efficiently identify and resolve performance issues down to the cell level. UAV Services works with Performance Engineering to generate sophisticated reports and track aerial data alongside other key performance indicators.


  • Aerial data tracking
  • Key performance indicator tracking
  • Enhanced performance monitoring
  • Precise site maintenance
  • Sophisticated reports